Wavebreak - Surge365 | Important message from Surge365 President, James Tackett
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Important message from Surge365 President, James Tackett


Surge365_logo_blue_300pxHey Surge365 Super Stars!!!!
This is James Tackett, President of Surge365, with an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT…

At this time… we can NOT show actual screenshots taken from the MEMBERSHIP site on Social Media. By showing the HOTEL NAMES we are at risk of losing contracts with the hotels.

You could imagine what would happen…someone sees your post, doesn’t want to be a member, and just calls the resort and “demands” the same price. Everyone would lose in that situation.

We will ((very shortly)) be producing company approved images LIKE those posted here last week, with names blotted out and special tags that say “Surge365Approved” on them that you will be able to post at will. ANYWHERE YOU WANT! We will have those EARLY next week!

We will producing an entire LIBRARY of images for you to share anywhere you want! We will start with the top 20 travel destinations listed by Conde Naste and go from there.

I appreciate your enthusiasm, marketing drive, and ingenuity…but can you please remove any actual screenshot images until we get the APPROVED ones up next week?

Thanks Guys!
And welcome to the Surge365 team!!!
Let’s go!!!!

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