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Welcome to the New Wavebreak Blog

Please allow me to be the first to welcome you to our newly redesigned Wavebreak blog. This is the first of a few key improvements we have coming your way that I’m excited to tell you more about. 

It’s no secret that we have really big goals for our company (181,803). But what’s even more important to us is our goals for you and your future. In a world that’s all about analyzing data to better optimize this and convert more of that, we must also realize that business is about so much more than numbers on a spreadsheet.

Don’t get me wrong… I love analyzing data. (I have a college degree in math to prove it!) But that’s not why we work so hard in Surge365. The truth is: You are never just a number to us. You matter so much more, always, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

With that in mind, we’ve taken a closer look at our marketing efforts and what we can do to help support you and your business even more. The results: Our 2019 marketing roadmap is an exciting one. 

What can you expect? While everything we do at Surge365 always meets our core values, our marketing theme this year centers on promoting three things: 




The Wavebreak Blog allows us to check yes on all of those boxes. With an exciting content lineup planned, the blog will be our hub for sharing more about what’s happening in our company and celebrating the many successes to come from our Surge365 Family. Go ahead and bookmark https://Wavebreak.surge365.com and plan on visiting us here often.

In addition to the Wavebreak blog, I can also share our roadmap has new Surge365 T-Shirts coming, we’re working on updated and expanded copy for your marketing site, and lots more content for the mobile app, to name a few things. (We just added 16 new videos!)

We’re also kicking around the idea of a T-Shirt Club where we release a special edition Surge365 T-Shirt every month. Would you be interested? Let me know on social what kinds of swag you’d like to showcase your Surge365 pride. We’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I’ll meet you there. 

Thank you for reading, and thank you for choosing to be part of our family. 

Clint Tomer 
CMO, Surge365 

PS — Make sure you check out the blog on Thursday. (Did you bookmark the site yet?) Our first content series will drop — #WhyISurge365 — This weekly series highlights our fantastic SBAs. Learn from our many leaders as they share in their own words why they joined our company, advice they have for new teammates, and the keys to their own success.

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