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The April All About Momentum Tour Starts Tomorrow!

Don’t miss your chance to hear from Surge365 Marketing Director Malcolm Alexander as he hits the road for The April All About Momentum Tour. The tour kicks off tomorrow in Silver Spring, MD! Click on the flyer below for more information about each stop on the tour!

We Are Surge365 12-Hr Telethon!

Have you heard? We have an epic Saturday planned to help you grow your business… Read through the Rules of Engagement and share your goals in the comments on our Facebook page here! Rules of Engagement 1. Set a Goal Start your day with a clear goal. Write it down… read more

Ready for episode 4 of the Surge365 Podcast?

A brand new episode of The Surge365 Podcast is now available! Get ready for a brand new episode featuring Marketing Director Jeanie Sharpless! This week, we talk about how to get comfortable sharing the Surge365 Business and Jeanie’s 4-step process that makes it easy! Also – Listen for Jeanie’s question of… read more

Congratulations to Surge365 Founder Coach Lloyd Tomer!

L-R: Roma Sarn, Samantha Tomer, Coach Lloyd Tomer Coach Lloyd Tomer was presented with an Honorary Doctorate degree this past weekend at the Surge365 Champions Spring Training event in Orlando, FL. The prestigious degree was conferred by Aletheia College and the beautifully framed degree was presented to Coach after words from… read more

Ready for episode 3 of the Surge365 Podcast?

Get ready for a brand new episode featuring Marketing Director Von Nickleberry! This week, we talk about how to find your shot and connect the dots from everything you’ve already learned to find your own success. He also shares more on why your friends and family are sometimes your toughest sell,… read more