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Great Event Line-Up! Build Your Business with Events!

February 25, 2017 — Sandston, VA area with Directors Jeanie & Bill Sharpless Click Here February 25, 2017 — Chesapeake, VA area with Director Malcolm Alexander Click Here February 25, 2017 — East Elmhurst, NY Breakthrough 2017 Coastal Surge Tour with Directors Lucretia Daniel and Renee Toppin Click Here February… read more

Surge365 – A Brand New Look!

Surge365 Presents… AN ALL NEW LOOK FOR YOUR SURGE365 TRAVEL SUBSCRIPTION! We are pleased to announce a brand new look to your Surge365 Wholesale Travel Subscription website! Beautiful new graphics highlight the features and benefits found on each page, from car rentals to hotels, from time shares to resorts! And finding… read more

Travel Tip Tuesday! Keep Valuables Safe!

Keep Valuables Safe While Traveling! Traveling around the world is exciting. That is why you want to make sure that your adventure is not interrupted by having your personal belongings lost or stolen. Here are some tips for keeping your valuables safe while traveling. Copy Vital Documents Make copies of… read more

Travel Tip Tuesday! Achieve Your Travel Goals!

Achieve Your Travel Goals! Are there places you would love to visit? How long have you dreamt of doing so? With these tips, turn your travel dreams into reality. No Excuses Fill in the blank: I would like to travel more, but I cannot travel right now because _____. Write… read more

Travel Tip Tuesday! City Transit Advice!

City Transit Advice! Even if you’ve never used public transit in your hometown, these tricks can help you quickly master your transportation options in any city worldwide. Get a Transit Map or App A map will help you decipher a city’s layout. Pick up a schematic map at the tourist… read more

Travel Tip Tuesday – Holidays Away From Home

Tips for Spending the Holidays Away from Home! Whether you’re spending the festive season cozying up in a cottage nearby, or jetting off to spend the holidays on the beach, don’t miss these essential tips for enjoying your well-earned break away from home. Pick Somewhere Family-Friendly Any parent knows that… read more

Travel Tip Tuesday – Holiday Road Trips

Holiday Tips for Road Warriors! Before you head out on the road, here are things expert road warriors say you can do to make your trip safe and memorable. Map It Out Make sure to check the weather along your route as well as what times you’ll be traveling through… read more

Travel Tip Tuesday – Great Winter Getaways!

Travel Tip Tuesdays offer in-depth information about the best way to travel and the best places to travel! Winter’s best features are on full display in December. Check out these locations filled with fresh snowfall, festive storefronts and drinks that warm your core!

Surprise! Surge365 Fulfills Wanda’s ‘Why!’

Surprise! Surge365 Fulfills Wanda’s ‘Why!’ At the Winter Regional in January of this year, we asked everyone to write their ‘Why’ on banners that would hang on the ‘Why Wall’ at the Surge365 Home Office. When we read Wanda’s ‘Why,‘ we were touched and decided to fulfill her dream of… read more