Wavebreak - Surge365 | Welcome to Surge365! What do you do next?

Welcome to Surge365! What do you do next?

You are going to love being a part of the Surge365 Family! Whether you purchased the Vortex Platinum or signed up as an SBA, this is your first stop for getting on the right track with your new business. We have outlined what your first 8 weeks look like in Surge365 and encourage you to listen to each of the audios in the order listed below.

Before you get started with your first week, Surge365 CEO Scott Tomer has a special message for you:

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Week One – Introduction from Scott Tomer

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Day 1
Welcome to your very own business! Select the orange circle play button below to hear a shout-out from Chris Cokley, President of Surge365!

Welcome aboard! We’re so excited to have you as part of the Surge365 family. What you’ve become a part of is even better than you thought!

Travel is such an incredible, life-changing experience. Think of people you know who need more travel in their lives:

Want the keys to success as a Surge Business Associate? Chris is here to help you “take action” today!

Day 2
Today, learn more about creating your list:

Day 3
Ready for your next steps? I’ve got you covered:

Day 4
Focus time today–why do you do what you do?

Day 5
These tools WILL put you on the right path for incredible success:

Week Two – Introduction from Scott Tomer

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Day 8
One major benefit of your new business; you can’t lose money! Learn more here:

Day 10
Let’s shift gears and focus on the next bonus, shall we? You’re still in the game for a $1000 bonus! Here’s Chris with the game plan:

Day 12
Travel parties are a dynamite way to introduce people to your businesses! Blow their minds with some of these ideas:

Day 14
Let’s get technical today: Your Surge365 Back Office. We’ve got the lowdown! Check out this video of a detailed tour of your Surge365 Back Office.

Week Three – Introduction from Scott Tomer

Scott previews the road ahead and the multiple ways you will be able to make money in travel:

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Day 16
Here’s the juicy secret: The Vortex works! It’s proven time and time again. Get all the secrets here:

Day 18
You’re almost 3 weeks into your new business! Looking to bring in a few new customers? Check out these awesome tips:

Day 20
Looking for an (unlikely) ally to aid you in your progress? Try this:

Week Four – Introduction from Scott Tomer

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Day 22
One more reason the Surge365 business is so great, it’s the perfect side hustle! Be convinced here:

Day 24
Now don’t freak out when I mention “taxes.”I’ve got some good new for you that could cover your overhead costs!

Day 26
Still got questions about the Vortex? We’ve got answers:

Week Five – Introduction from Scott Tomer

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Day 30
What’s in a name? More specifically, what’s YOUR Vortex name? Scott has the insight for you here:

Day 32
Want to add an extra professional element to your businesses? Login to your Surge365 Back Office and select the Vortex Domains ad (ad image is below) located on your home page for all of the details you need about purchasing and forwarding your Vortex domain.

Day 34
Why are business cards important?  You could encounter a prospective customer or meet a potential new member at any time!  Arm yourself with business cards and you’ll never miss the chance to make a valuable business connection.  Click here to purchase your business cards!

Please note: This link is also available in your Surge365 Back Office

Week Six – Introduction from Scott Tomer

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Day 36
All the miles you rack up while working on your business can really save you money! Click below to hear more:

Day 38
Download the Taxbot App today
Looking to make your tax savings easy? Would you like to find hidden tax savings year round? You can do this and more with Taxbot! A subscription to Taxbot and the Taxbot app is included in your $10/month Surge365 Business Associate fee!

To create your Taxbot account, select the Taxbot ad located on the home page of your Surge365 Back Office. Then at the bottom of the page you’ll be asked to choose your Taxbot password and then hit “Enroll” to create your very own Taxbot Account! When logging in, the email address associated with your Surge365 Business Associate account is the one you will use to login to your Taxbot account.

Day 40
Want to know what your Vortex could be worth? Check it out: (link)

Day 42
Social Media is the new frontier! It can be wild and tricky out there. We’ve got the top tips to get you going:

Week Seven – Introduction from Scott Tomer

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Day 44
Looking for more information on how to promote your Vortex site? We have just the thing. In our new ‘Getting Started Guide,’ we walk through your first steps as a Vortex site owner, give you sample scripts and personas to help you identify potential customers, and show you how to utilize social media to promote your business. We even provide a social media graphics starter pack for Facebook and Instagram. It has everything you need to get off to a fast start and set yourself up for success!

Click here to download the Vortex Getting Started Guide!

Day 46
Wherever and whenever you go, always be “open for business.”Curious what I mean? This is a top-notch tip here!Check it out:

Day 48
Did you know you can make your home make you money?Make it happen here:

Week Eight – Introduction from Scott Tomer

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Day 50
If you’re looking for all the details for using your Vortex Back Office, we’ve got you covered:
Vortex Walkthrough *Coming Soon*

Day 52
Your house, the miles you drive…lots of things can save you money. Guess what? Kids too 🙂 Listen here:

Day 54
Let’s sit down for a quick lesson today about running your own travel agency:

Day 56
You’ll be amazed at the groups that will form for epic group travel…learn more here:

Day 57
Let’s talk numbers and getting that positive cash flow from your business:

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