Wavebreak - Surge365 | #WhyISurge365 – Eugene Ware Jr

#WhyISurge365 – Eugene Ware Jr

#WhyISurge365 is a weekly series that highlights our fantastic SBAs. Learn from our many leaders as they share in their own words why they joined our company, advice they have for new teammates, and the keys to their own success.

Where are you from?

Buffalo, NY

Why did you join Surge365?

I joined Surge365 to save on my travel and create another stream of income.

What was the key to your success?

 I have to give God the glory for guiding me in this direction and remaining to be with me during this entire wonderful journey.

What’s your advice for those just getting started?

My advice would be to keep God first, remain dedicated, committed, and focused on their goals. 

What are your goals for your business?

My goal is to become a 6-figure monthly earner, so that I can help anyone at any given time and also be a major contribution in spreading the good news of the gospel.

Favorite Travel Destination:

After being to so many thus far, I don’t even believe I’ve discovered that as of yet? I would have to say Tahiti at this point.

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