Wavebreak - Surge365 | #WhyISurge365 – J. Robert Santana

#WhyISurge365 – J. Robert Santana

#WhyISurge365 is a weekly series that highlights our fantastic SBAs. Learn from our many leaders as they share in their own words why they joined our company, advice they have for new teammates, and the keys to their own success.

Where are you from?

 East Los Angeles, California

Why did you join Surge365?

I joined Surge365 because I travel, and as a tax professional and Entrepreneur, I understood the tax advantages of business ownership. If I am going to be doing something I love to do, why not own it, monetize it, and share it with others that are looking to obtain a lifestyle of savings. Wholesale travel beats retail travel any day of the week! I also was intrigued with the compensation plan. Best I have ever seen in this industry with a very rich residual income!

What was the key to your success? 

The key to my success is two-fold. The first is that I needed to be a product of the product. Once I began to utilize the membership and began to see the amazing savings and rewards credits I was accumulating, there was no turning back! The second is understanding the compensation plan and having a clear approach on how I was going to make Surge365 another stream of income! Once I had that very clear in my mind and set the goal on paper, I am able to make as much as I want, in the time that I want it, with no difficulties. All of the training and tools are available to you without you having to have any experience!

What’s your advice for those just getting started?

My advice for those that are getting started is to take 100% ownership of the business that you just invested in and commit to it as if you just invested in a business franchise that cost you hundereds of thousands of dollars. Don’t depend solely on others. Do your due diligence, network, figure out resources you have at your disposal, have fun, and figure out how much you would like to earn and how quickly you want to earn it (if money is a motivator like it is to me). Set up a game plan interview and don’t worry about knowing everything before you get going. People are more impressed by your enthusiasm than depth of knowledge anyway. After all, how hard is it to sell recess? 

What are your goals for your business?

My goal is to continue to work on creating a strong residual-based income! Residual income is retirement income. I want to build wealth rather than riches. Rich people still need to work for their money, but wealthy people have their money work for them!

Favorite Travel Destination:

Anywhere there is a Golf Course!

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