Wavebreak - Surge365 | Are you a new SBA in Surge365? Take on the $50K Challenge!
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Are you a new SBA in Surge365? Take on the $50K Challenge!

Take on the $50K Challenge and you could earn up to $50K in 100 DAYS!

As a new SBA in Surge365, you are eligible for the $50K Challenge and have the ability to earn up to $50K in your first 100 Days!

To qualify for the $50K Challenge, you’ll need to make 100 NEW ACTIVE SALES in your Team Builder Group in your first 100 days and then you are eligible for earnings of up to $50,000!

You will receive all of the NORMAL bonuses in the NORMAL time frames as defined in the Surge365 Compensation Plan (click to view) for making the 100 sales, for a total up to $26,000!

Add a $25,000 Bonus for achieving this challenge and your total income if all the sales are Vortex Platinum will be:

$2,000 – $201 override on 100 Team Builder sales
$14,000 – $1,000 Bonuses (14 points for bonus; Platinum sales equal 2 points2; 14 total bonuses)
$10,000 – Bonus for 100 active sales3
$25,000 – 5 Monthly Bonuses of $5,0004
$51,000 – Total compensation based on 100% Vortex Platinum sales

Example: assuming 105 active Team Builder sales on September 30

1-Vortex Plus sale override is $10 for $1,000 in total overrides. There are no overrides on Travel Agent Sales.

2-Travel Agent sales are 1 point each requiring 14 sales to earn a $1,000 bonus. If all sales were Travel Agent, then the total income from bonuses would be $7,000. For the rest of 2017, all Vortex Plus sales count as 2 points towards a $1,000 bonus. If all sales were Vortex Plus, then the total income from bonuses would be $14,000.

3-All active sales count as 1 point toward $10,000 Bonus.

4-Must maintain 100 active Team Builder sales each month to earn this bonus. Does not have to be the same 100 people.

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