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Travel Tip Tuesday! America’s Best Beaches!

Ask true beach lovers to name their favorite expanse of surf and sand, and the answer changes with the tides. With all its surrounding oceans, seas, and lakes, there’s a beach to indulge any whim. From pearly crescents covered in shells to turquoise bays teeming with shimmering fish, none are… read more

New Podcast with Director Tashauna Richardson!

This week on the show we’re talking to your newest Marketing Director Tashauna Richardson! She shares more about who she is, how she reached Director in one year, and how you can do that, too. We also talk about her goals for the future and her advice for staying motivated… read more

S365 University Announces Featured Speakers

Announcing the first group of outstanding speakers who will be joining your Marketing Directors at this year’s Surge365 University! This accomplished group brings real life knowledge, success, motivation and guidance to ensure your own Surge365 business success! Make plans now to register for the best marketing education available anywhere! Along with featured… read more

Surge365 Podcast with Katrina Bridges!

Questions On Support, Compliance, Your Back Office? The Newest S365 Podcast Has You Covered! A brand new episode of the Surge365 Podcast featuring your Surge365 Director of Operations Katrina Bridges is now available. This week on the show Katrina answers some of your most asked support questions, we dive in to… read more

Tax Tip Thursday – Automatic Mileage Tracking

Tax Tip Thursday Presented by TaxBot! Get to know TaxBot! A new version of the TaxBot mobile app was recently released and Surge365 is pleased to share helpful tips on the TaxBot App! Be sure to take advantage of this valuable business tool that is INCLUDED in your monthly SBA… read more

Join the Celebration for New Director Tashauna Richardson!

Make plans now to join the Marketing Director Promotion Celebration for Tashauna Richardson! Celebrate with Director Richardson, Founders Coach Lloyd Tomer, S365 CEO Scott Tomer, S365 President Chris Cokely and these Surge 365 Marketing Directors: Renee Toppin, Jeanie & Bill Sharpless, Juliet St. John, Loranzo Ladson, Von Nickleberry, Lucretia Daniel… read more

Walk the Convention Stage Just Like a Director!

Walk The Convention Stage Just Like A Director! “Not everyone who comes to Convention becomes a Director, but every Director starts by coming to a Convention!” ~~ Surge 365 CEO Scott Tomer And because we know that, we also know how extremely important it is for you to get a… read more