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Cancun Experience Recognition!

The Cancun Experience fulfilled all expectations! Beautiful weather, a breathtaking resort, and enthusiastic, hardworking, motivated Surge365 team members! We are proud to recognize their accomplishments!Click here to view video!

$50K Challenge Recognition
Janice Parker
Michelle & Opheil Richardson

$10 Bonus Recognition
Janice Parker

New Regional Builder Jacket Presentations
Shavett Daniel
Victoria Falk
Frank & Tessie Graham
Leslie Johnson
Ericka Patillo

5 Bonuses – Room Reimbursement
Malcolm Alexander
Shavett Daniel
Adrienne Dawkins
Charmaine Garnett
Stacy Prather
Michelle & Opheil Richardson
Renee Toppin

8 Bonuses – Flight and Room Reimbursement
Janice Parker
Tashauna Richardson

12 Bonuses – $1000 Bonus Plus Flight and Room Reimbursement
Laticia Nicole Beatty
Frank & Tessie Graham


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