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Congratulations to Surge365 Comma Club Members!

Are you a part of the prestigious Surge365 Comma Club? A big congratulations goes out to the following SBAs who are members of the Surge365 Comma Club! Jack Brown, Lucretia Daniel, Malcolm Alexander, Demetrius Horton, Syreeta Blackshear & Andre Grose, Gwendolyn Young, Lee Diem, Debora Barr, Jeanie & Bill Sharpless,… read more

Charles Nicholson On The Road To Success!

Marketing Director Charles Nicholson was one of nine leaders who received a brand new Surge 365 Dodge Charger at the Baltimore event on March 14, 2015. He relates, “The Baltimore event was so exciting! The excitement in the meeting was exhilarating – the guests couldn’t believe what they were about… read more

Surge365 Gives Away 9 Cars at Baltimore Event!

Did you see the press release talking about what happened in Baltimore last weekend?  You’re in luck! We’ve got it for you! CEO Scott Tomer described the program this way, “Surge365 is not the first Direct Sales company with a car bonus, but ours is definitely different. When you qualify… read more