Surge365 Updates – Events – Spanish Docs – Back Office!

Super Saturday
— January 28, 2017 — Denver, CO
Super Saturday — January 28, 2017 — Sandston, VA
Super Saturday — February 11, 2017 — Sarasota, FL
Jump Schools – February 4, 11 & 18
Surge Champions Spring Training – March 24-25, 2017


New Spanish documents are now available in your Back Office.
Click on Menu> Resources> SBA Documents

► Detalles de Colocación de Patrocinadors — Sponsor Placement
► Proceso de 2 P&C — Surge365 2 P&C Sales Process
► Todo lo que Necesitas Saber Sobre Vortex — Vortex Guide
► Cómo Hacer Negocios International — How To Do International Business
► Plan de Compensación de Surge365 — Surge365 Compensation Plan

You have a lot of great tools in the Resource Section
of your Surge365 Back Offic

Surge365 Company approved PowerPoint Presentations can be found here in both English and Español! Download the version that best fits your needs when presenting today!

Videos – both shareable and non-shareable with prospects. Here you’ll find a great number of videos that you can share with your prospects about Surge365, including the one about Our Why, Our Purpose, and Our Core Values. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here! The non-sharable videos include a 6-part training series on the Surge365 Mobile App and 5 different trainings on the Vortex Platinum subscription and Vortex Plus.

Recognition – you’ve also got access to print out 3&Free, Comma Club, and Team Builder certificates to recognize members on your team for their achievements.

Important SBA Documents – the Vortex Guide, 2 P&C Sales Process, Compensation Plan, and approved SBA logo for use on Social Media.

Surge365 Cares has partnered with the Jennifer Wynn Vancil Cancer Foundation ( to support its valuable work, helping families who are facing cancer make memories that will last a lifetime. Watch for an in-depth feature on the JWVCF next week. Your support is encouraged and very much appreciated!