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Relive the excitement all over again!

Miss the excitement of the cars being given away in Baltimore? Or maybe you were there and you’d like to relive it all over again? Either way you’re in luck! Check out the brand new video below!

Surge365 Gives Away 9 Cars at Baltimore Event!

Did you see the press release talking about what happened in Baltimore last weekend?  You’re in luck! We’ve got it for you! CEO Scott Tomer described the program this way, “Surge365 is not the first Direct Sales company with a car bonus, but ours is definitely different. When you qualify… read more

Perfect Video?

Looking for the PERFECT video that’s all about the Surge365 Membership to share with all of your prospects? You’re in luck! Check this out! You can view more of the Surge365 videos on our YouTube page by clicking here!

Surge365 Nationwide Tour Starts Tomorrow!

Come check out what Surge365 is all about! Surge365 VP of International Sales, Chris Cokley, and CEO, Scott Tomer, embark on a 16 city nationwide tour that starts tomorrow, March 3, in Richmond, VA! Details about each stop on the tour are below. Select the location below for more information Tuesday,… read more