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Charles Nicholson On The Road To Success!

Marketing Director Charles Nicholson was one of nine leaders who received a brand new Surge 365 Dodge Charger at the Baltimore event on March 14, 2015. He relates, “The Baltimore event was so exciting! The excitement in the meeting was exhilarating – the guests couldn’t believe what they were about to see, as the Marketing Directors were talking about soon receiving their cars and making plans to build their businesses.

Charles-Nicholson-Car-ATo see the cars lined up in front of the hotel was so powerful. Guests and employees of the hotel were even excited. I was speaking with some of the hotel doormen and they could not believe that a company would give out cars like these.

When the Surge365-branded Dodge Charger was delivered to my home, the delivery man asked me about Surge365. He and his fiancée are getting married and he was looking for a way to take her on a great honeymoon. As he was very interested, I explained our membership program and gave him my business card, along with getting his information. That same day I was backing out of a restaurant parking space when a lady blocked my exit, wanting to know what Surge365 was! After explaining the business to her, Ron Williams, one our our team leaders, presented her with the EZ Travel Button!

Charles-Nicholson-Car-BThe Surge365 car really attracts a lot of attention and will obviously bring a lot of attention to our business. I have watched people walk by the car and take a second or third look. I have the only Surge365 car in the state of Texas. That alone is something to talk about. Lots of my business partners have called to make arrangements to meet and take pictures with me and the car. I believe it gives them something tangible to work for as well as promoting this amazing business!”


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