Wavebreak - Surge365 | Congratulations to our latest $1,000 Bonus Earners!
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Congratulations to our latest $1,000 Bonus Earners!

Hey Surge365! This past month truly has been madness! We’ve had a record setting couple of weeks and today we are going to do a little celebrating. Let’s start with congratulating our $1,000 Bonus Earners!

Special congratulations to Surge365 Marketing Director and Founders Circle bonus earners Arlyne Thompson, Malcolm Alexander, Von Nickleberry, Loranzo Ladson, and Renee Toppin!

We’d also like to congratulate Tashauna Richardson, Adrienne Dawkins, and Laticia Beatty for TRIPLE bouncing as well as Melody Gilmore and Shironica Roberts-Jack for DOUBLE bouncing!

Check out this video of our latest $1,000 Bonus Earners! We apologize for the long video… 

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