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Convention Recap Call Playback Information


WOW!!! What a call! You packed the lines tonight ‪#‎Surge365!

So many exciting announcements from the Convention last week.

Special thanks to Surge365 Marketing Directors Malcolm Alexander, Arlyne Thompson, Juliet St. John, Loranzo Ladson, Lucretia Daniel, Nick Pagano, Jeanie Sharpless and Von Nickleberry along with special guest Tashauna Richardson for getting on the call tonight!

We know some of you were not able to get on the call so here is the playback information:

Dial: (712) 775-7089
Pin: 519034#

You can also listen to the playback online by clicking here!

Get ready Surge365 because we are ‪#‎AllSystemsGoS365!

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