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Shopping Rewards Now Available on Surge365 Member Site!

Click on the Products tab, then Shopping Rewards! Search from over 300 million products at over 4,000 retailers. Find favorite brands and earn rewards on purchases to redeem for travel, products and so much more!
Shopping Rewards are a flexible reward program that allows Members to maximize the return on their on-line shopping. Unlike other reward programs, Members can use Shopping Rewards earned for ANYTHING on their site!!
It’s simple to earn rewards for shopping at thousands of brand-name merchant sites. Members simply sign into their account and access the Shopping Rewards section under the Products tab, select the merchant they wish to shop with and click on the “Shop Now” link. Members are linked directly to the merchant site to shop –  all while earning Shopping Rewards. It really is that easy!
For more information and details, click on the ‘Learn More’ link located near the top of the Shopping Rewards page.

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