Surge365 Boot Camp with Chris Cokley – Don’t Miss This Training!


Surge365 President Chris Cokley is heading towards your city! Don’t miss your chance to get a Boot Camp style training from Surge365 President Chris Cokley! The Surge365 Boot Camp is a great one-two combo when combined with the training offered at Jump School. Please note that attending Jump School prior to attending the Boot Camp is not required.Heres-What-Saying-Bootcamp

“Dallas Boot Camp was unbelievable! It was a real Boot Camp type training by Chris Cokley. People came in camo/fatigues ready to go for the kind of training they want and need.”

Boot Camp and Jump School will change the way we think about business. And both going out is a double 1-2 punch… Thank you to Chris for putting on this awesome training! Chris was on fire!”

Chris is the best trainer I have ever heard. He breaks it down and challenges everyone to do what they need to do to win and take their business to next level.”

“People came Boot Camp ready in military fatigues, taking photos, so excited with great attitudes. You could see the light bulbs going off… enthusiasm, a hunger for information. Everyone stayed plugged in and realized what their business actually means and what results they will get.”

“We give them the tools they need – how to marry old school recruiting with new age methods, such as blogs and social media. We give them the professional training they need to become Directors!” – Chris Cokley