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Surge365 University Update: Speaker Announcement #2!

Surge365 University Announces Second Group of Speakers!

The following exceptional speakers and trainers will join the nine Marketing Directors and the group announced last Monday at this year’s Surge365 University! All of these accomplished and successful leaders bring real life knowledge, success, motivation and guidance to ensure your own Surge365 business success!

Speakers #1: Lee Diem, Nick & Ann Brown and Curtis Trott
Speakers #2: The Fab 5 – Randy & Celetta Brown, Aileen Cruz, Malcolm Alexander, Annie McDonald Smith and James & Pia King
Speakers #3: Rodney & Georgena Lamb and Diana Gonzales
Speaker #4: Jenny Campbell
Speaker #5: Rayshawn Robinson

Come prepared to learn how to grow your business from these amazing leaders! S365 University will soon be in session!




Register now from your Back Office for the best marketing education available anywhere!


Pictured above: Nick Pagano, Stacy Prather and Melinda Hunt (presenting together), Mary Cofield, and Willie Purcell and Chantaine Bulluck (presenting together).

Register now from your Back Office for the best marketing education available anywhere!


Along with featured speakers, your Surge365 Marketing Directors will be leading nine classes. You will have the option to choose from a total of 18 classes.


We know that you will not be able to make it to all 18 classes and we are excited to announce that we will be recording all 18 Surge365 University classes and an audio recording containing all 18 classes is included in your Convention Registration fee! The audio recording will be available after the event.

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