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Travel Tip Tuesday – Improve Your Cruise!

travtip-tuesday-cruisesTips to Improve Your Cruise!

Cruise ship life can be very exciting but seem overwhelming. The more you cruise, the more you pick up on tricks and secrets. Why figure these things out the hard way? Read our expert advice to get the most out of your next cruise.

Arrive the Night Before
Hundreds of cruisers miss their boat each year because of delayed flights, traffic, bad weather, and other unforeseen troubles. To avoid this, arrive to your port city the night before to avoid pre-departure jitters and add an extra day to your vacation.

Bon Voyage Gift Packages
Most cruise lines offer gift packages that will be waiting for you in your cabin when you check-in. Start your journey with a package that could include champagne, a dozen roses, and balloons.

What to Pack
Always take a bathing suit. It doesn’t matter if it’s a winter cruise with falling snow, there are heated pools and jacuzzis on deck. Pack a light sweater or cardigan even if you are in the tropics; the AC is turned on most of the time. Bring an empty, mid-sized duffle bag for the clothes and gifts you buy along your journey.

Overcoming Sea Sickness
If you feel sea sickness coming on, eating a green apple or sucking on a lemon slice are quick and easy remedies. If you are already sick, the majority of over-the-counter patches will not work. Instead try drinking ginger ale and eating crackers.

Cabin Secrets
Interior cabins have no natural light. Turn on your TV and tune into the bridge cam station, turn off the sound, and you’ve got yourself a night light and a way to see if the sun is up. Picky about your bedding? Some cruise lines will provide egg crate mattress toppers, top sheets, and alternative pillow types. You may be surprised to find extra storage under the bed, couch, inside an ottoman, or behind a mirror.

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