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Vortex™ News & Reviews

► Vortex Reviews Are Coming In!
► New Video on SBA Site
► Check out 2P&C for a Great Start
► Reward Credits Will No Longer Show
► New Surge365 Compensation Document
► Vortex Launch Guide – Great Info

The reviews are coming in and you love it!  Here is what a few folks are saying about the Vortex!
“Immediately after launch I signed up a new Vortex Platinum and with the new sign-up process I did it in blazing speed!”  -Renee T.

“I love it, and will be working it!!!!” -Brenda H.

“BRAVO Surge365 Exec Team! The Vortex Launch call was phenomenal! This. Changes. Everything!”  -Tammy B.

“I love that they’ve broken out the rate per night and show a total with taxes too!” -Ted E.

New Video On SBA Site
If you haven’t checked out the new video on the SBA site you really should! It gives an amazing overview of the Ultimate Travel Solution and a close by Chris Cokley that is sure to impress!

Get Started with the 2P&C Process
Been wondering how to get off to a great start in your business? We have a new tool that will do just that! It’s called the 2P&C Process put together for you by our President, Chris Cokley. Go to your Back Office and look in the S365 Academy > 100 Series > Surge365 Sales Process.

Customers Will No Longer See Reward Credits
As of Friday May 27th your customers will no longer be able to see Reward Credits while they’re shopping.

New Surge365 Compensation Plan
Make sure you take sometime to become familiar with the new Surge365 Compensation Document. You will find it in your back office by going to menu > resources > SBA documents > Surge365 Compensation Plan

Need Vortex Launch Info?
Looking for information on everything you need to know about the Vortex launch? Take a look at the Vortex Launch Guide by downloading it at the following link: http://bit.ly/VortexLG

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