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What’s Your Surge365 Story?

Share Your Surge365 Story!

What’s Your Story? Travel More. Save More. Earn More. That’s exactly what Surge365 Members are doing every day!

Surge365 Members have already saved tens of thousands of dollars on personal travel through their Surge365 websites. From great discounts on car rentals to thousands saved on vacations, the savings and Reward Points are adding up fast for Members! Share your Membership story at SaveMore@Surge365.com

Surge365 Business Associates (SBAs) are really getting after the Make More side of Surge365. Qualification for Team Builder in a day and Regional Builder in less than 30 days is becoming commonplace. Multiple $1,000 bonuses per week are now the goal for many. Several new SBAs double bonused in their first week and many have their sights set on three $1,000 bonuses per week! Please share your Make More stories at MakeMore@Surge365.com.  We would love to hear from you!

Your testimony shares an important message with information that connects with people on a personal level. Let’s spread the word about the many benefits enjoyed by Members and SBAs! Your Surge365 story may even be featured here on the Wavebreak blog!

Send in your testimonies today!

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