S365 Compliance Memo

Hey Surge365 Rock Stars!!!!

This is Katrina Bridges, Director of Operations here at Surge365, with an IMPORTANT MEMO.

As your business continues to bloom this Spring it is vital that we stop, take a fresh breath and focus on the compliance aspects of the business. Here are three critical areas to ALWAYS keep in mind!

1. Income Disclosure Statement (“IDS”)
Surge365 has developed the Income Disclosure Statement (“IDS”) to convey truthful, timely, and comprehensive information regarding the income that Surge365 Business Associates earn. In order to accomplish this objective, a copy of the IDS must be presented to all prospective SBAs. Posting pictures of checks, compensation, and/or lifestyle representations are considered income claims. Therefore, they must be followed up by a link to the IDS. The “Income Disclosure Statement” is currently addressed in the Surge365 SBA Policies & Procedures, Section 3.18.

2. Screenshots taken from the travel membership site
As an SBA, you must NOT show actual screenshots taken from the TRAVEL MEMBERSHIP site on social media. Imagine what could happen… someone sees your post, doesn’t want to be a member and they call the resort and “demand” the same price. Everyone would lose in that situation. An SBA is permitted to post generalized Member Only deals. The postings may not contain details such as exact dates, addresses, hotel or resort names. To assist our SBAs with promoting the exclusive membership pricing we have created Surge approved advertisements that you can share. They are located at the Wavebreak blog. Click on Latest News > #Surge365Approved category. You may also Click here.

3. Discounted travel claims (benefits and perks)
An SBA must not advertise or promote the availability of travel discounts (“FAM trips”) as a part of the Travel Agent program UNLESS they also disclose all limitations and requirements, and must document claims of such travel discounts. An SBA must not state or imply that rates or costs through Surge365/PTN are the same as or comparable to other major travel booking websites, UNLESS it is stated, “Rates are often comparable, but sometimes rates may differ.”

As always, I appreciate your enthusiasm, drive, and compliance with all policies.

Katrina Bridges
Director of Operations