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Surge365 December Compliance Memo

Merry Christmas Surge365 family! Recruiting Guidelines Two months ago we briefly mentioned recruiting while on travel properties… let’s dive in a little deeper on that conversation. When visiting a travel property an easy rule of thumb is to remember that you would never want to offend your host. Therefore, you… read more

Important Compliance Memo

With momentum and success comes great responsibility. SOCIAL MEDIA INCOME CLAIMS At Surge365 we always want to do business the right way. We’ve recently noticed an increase in social media income claims. Statements regarding a referral marketing company’s income opportunity go to the heart of the Federal Trade Commission’s mission… read more

Surge365 Compliance Update for September!

At Surge365 We Pride Ourselves On Doing Business The RIGHT Way! Valued SBAS! It is important that every new SBA, Travel Agent or Vortex Owner enrolls through your SBA enrollment site. This allows the enrollee to enter all of their own personal information and agree to the Policies & Procedures… read more

Surge365 Compliance Update – May 2017

Hey Surge365 Rock Stars! Convention is right around the corner and everyone is running hard and fast up to the event. As we run let’s not forget to keep ourselves in check with the compliance side of our business. This month let’s focus on the following 3 points: 1. Enrolling… read more

S365 Compliance Memo

Hey Surge365 Rock Stars!!!! This is Katrina Bridges, Director of Operations here at Surge365, with an IMPORTANT MEMO. As your business continues to bloom this Spring it is vital that we stop, take a fresh breath and focus on the compliance aspects of the business. Here are three critical areas… read more