Surge365 Compliance Update for September!

At Surge365 We Pride Ourselves On
Doing Business The RIGHT Way!

Valued SBAS! It is important that every new SBA, Travel Agent or Vortex Owner enrolls through your SBA enrollment site. This allows the enrollee to enter all of their own personal information and agree to the Policies & Procedures as noted in Section 2.2: A prospective
SBA may self-enroll on the sponsor’s website. Please note that such electronic signature constitutes a legally binding agreement between the SBA and Surge365.

Paper Applications Now Available
While enrolling on your website is the safest, quickest, and preferred way for a new SBA or Member to enroll, we know there are times that call for the use of a paper application. You may now download a paper application from your Back Office by clicking in the upper left corner of your Back Office home page: Menu > Resources > SBA Documents.

The new SBA or travel partner must physically sign the document, agreeing to our terms. There is an application for each travel product and one for the SBA. When you have used a paper application to enroll someone, it is required that you send the completed application into the Home Office for processing. You may send it by fax, email or postal mail. Here is the information for sending:

Fax: 618-659-9591
Mail: 6 Ginger Creek Village Drive, Glen Carbon, IL 62034

Tax ID Number Required
Providing a valid Tax ID Number is essential for earnings and charges… and of course tax purposes. Earnings and commissions for SBAs and Members are tracked via the Tax ID number provided during enrollment. Accounts with false Tax ID information will be canceled.

Customer Support
As always, for any questions or concerns about your Surge365 business, please reach out to your Customer Support team. They are available by phone Monday through Friday from 8 am – 4:30 pm CT at 618-655-2431. You may also enter a support ticket from your Back Office at any time. If received outside of normal business hours, support tickets are answered immediately on the next business day.

You can download current copies of both sets of Policies and Procedures (SBA and Member) in your Back Office under Menu>Resources>SBA Documents.

As always, I appreciate your enthusiasm, drive, and compliance with all policies.

Katrina Bridges
Director of Operations