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Travel Tip Tuesday – Embracing Cultural Differences

Experiencing Culture Shock in a Foreign Land Visiting different areas of the world is an incredible way to broaden your horizons and appreciate this world in an entirely new light. However, leaving your comfort zone to go explore unknown locations can understandably be unnerving. It’s not uncommon for travelers to… read more

Travel Tip Tuesday – How To Eat Healthy When You Travel

Follow these simple and effective tips to help you continue to eat healthy while traveling in order to fuel your body and reduce stress. Plan Ahead Stock up on travel-friendly grub that is nutrient-dense, non-perishable, and has sustaining calories. Great snacks to pack are popcorn, chopped vegetables and fruits, nutrition… read more

Travel Tip Tuesday – 4 Tips To Beat Jet Lag

Top 4 Tips To Beat Jet Lag! Jet lag can be hard to handle, especially when you find yourself out-of-sync in a new time zone. Preparation and self-discipline can ensure you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready for your new adventure. Nutrition Do your best to eat healthy… read more

Surge365 Events! Make Plans Now!

Your Surge365 business builds from events – local meetings and trainings, Corporate events, Super Saturdays, Jump Schools, Director hosted events such as the upcoming Surge Champions Spring Training and the Western Regional Red Carpet – there’s no better way to network, be educated, be motivated, and build your successful Surge365… read more

Surge365 Cares – Spotlight on the Regan Family

Surge365 would like to thank everyone who has donated to Surge365 Cares, a benevolent program that partners with non-profit organizations that are making a difference in peoples’ lives. Surge365 matches a portion of the donations made by SBAs to our partner organizations. ________________________________________________________________ We would like to share a small… read more

Important Message from Surge365 President Chris Cokley

A Message From Surge365 President Chris Cokley Attention all Surge Business Associates, Our business objective is to sell and support an efficient, functional, and profitable travel business to independent sales people. Accompanying the Travel Agent business opportunity and its focus on travel sales, under some guidelines there may be some… read more

Travel Tip Tuesday! Save On Transportation!

Save Money on Transportation While Traveling! For travelers looking to stretch their vacation dollars, cutting back on transportation costs may be the easiest way to do just that. Carpool In major cities, many taxi services like UberPOOL offer ridesharing or carpooling services; take advantage of these! By sharing a ride… read more